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Case Study

Project Summary

Website re-design, information architecture, custom applications and CMS installation.

Project Details

White Rock has a wealth of natural beauty and the City wanted to promote this more with their new website than they had done in the site's previous iterations. What this required from our end was a method of display lush, colourful visuals without sacrificing content readability.

With a collaborative focus on visuals and structure, we came up with a design that was easy to navigate, bright and colourful, while content became easy to find and even easier to read off the screen.

After completing the design, navigation and CMS integration, we got down to work on making the site even more powerful and interactive. Functionality that we created and added featured: a custom bylaws module; an integrated garbage calendar; Google translation; RSS feeds; a bespoke City Spotlight application; user poll functionality; and social media integration.

Live Website

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