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Case Study

Project Summary

Website re-design, information architecture, custom database applications and CMS installation.

Project Details

For this project, an extra focus was placed on design - with so much importance allocated to the new branding, we knew it was critical to make the web design look equally good. We worked fervently on the website layout, design & colour palette, eventually creating what might just be our favourite design to date.

Our team not only incorporated forty custom applications throughout the website but we implemented customized landing pages for each of the Municipality's four communities, accentuating the best parts of each. We also created custom third party skins for other website applications that were seamlessly integrated into the website.

We ensured the website was extremely accessible, thereby allowing all constituents to view the site. We added in both a text-resizer and a high contrast stylesheet for people with visual impairments. A mobile stylesheet was implemented for people viewing the site on mobile devices, as well.

Live Website

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